10-year Gilts 1-day classic patterns

Q: What has the highest probability of occurring?

Since early July there have been 4 tests of 132.000 resistance.

There is a combination of 2 classic patterns forming at resistance.

The double top , where both tops have been rejected at 132.000, is currently valid.

The head and shoulders , the head consisting of the double top , would need to break the neckline ~129.750 to become valid.

Both patterns equally project 128.250 as the target.

Objectively looking at the entire base beginning around the high volume bar in February it is curve-like. Looking to the weekly timeframe it is quite possible this is the formation of a cup with the handle to follow.
So there is some conflict in this area which can lead to a large number of market participants getting it wrong and as a consequence more momentum. It is quite probable that market participants have already shorted the double top breakout. Waiting for the head and shoulders to confirm with an ~129.750 neckline breakout before entry is advantageous. Stop placement above what appears to be a right shoulder at ~130.750 yields a 1.5R target.

It would also be beneficial to visualise the 1-week handle as a means of guarding against the 1-day head and shoulder pattern failure.
Trade active: Short entry triggered at 129.750
Stop placement at 130.750
Target at 128.250

Looking for momentum behind the selling but also mindful of the handle forming on the 1-week chart period.
Trade closed: target reached: Thereabout.