TVC:UKOIL   CFDs on Brent Crude Oil
Wave 1 completed in 6 days,
Wave 1 of 3 also completed in 6 days,
The pattern shows that we have an internal time of 6 days to work ratios forward.
The next 6 * 1.0 ratio projects to 27th August

Currently price can decline further to around 59.1 or the advance can start from here given that the ABC is already completed.
This is not a day trade, it can take several days or weeks to complete.
Always use quotes on your broker platform.
can you please add a projection volume for post 59.1? any ideas on if it will break out again or continue to decline
@Pxace, ok... the price has just completed the 1.618 extension of the ABC correction 57.8
The 55 zone is still a major zone that will invalidate the setup if broken

The setup is still valid for the bull trend