LONG Oil (Brent) - Target $150 in 2022

FX:UKOIL   CFDs on Crude Oil (Brent)
SUMMARY: LONG, oil and gas is heading for multi-year bull run.

Expect to hit new all times highs in 2022 over $150.

1. Underinvestment in industry, leading to reduced supple.

2. Excessive broad money ( M2 ) money creation by all major central banks.

3. Bottlenecks in supple chains and increased risks in transportation.

BBG article - Natural Gas up 1000%

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The US reacts to climbing energy prices and most obviously, in lieu of local shale or Keystone XL, the White House has called on OPEC+ to increase oil output in order to bring energy prices down. Coming just after the IPCC declared the risk of the end of life on earth if drastic climate action is not taken immediately, how this sits with front-and-center Greenery remains unclear. Then again, with funding for fossil fuel projects disappearing globally just as demand picks up (and Russian supply to the EU tails off), and years before a true green transition can actually happen, one wonders what other U-turns will have to be made despite thinking about degrees C (or F).