KUCOIN:UNIUSDT   Uniswap / Tether
uni has beec accumilationg for nearly 3 months
with this down side move uni now has posted a low at an 3d and 1d open giving strong possible for reversal
904m chart also showing a posssible swing low now forming with the daily low now being in
key to take not that london opend bearished and reversed at 5 am (usually reversal continuation time)
moving into ny session there has been a slowing of momentum leading to hint at price is waiting for larger palyers to enter giving them time to either hedge shorts or book profits all together
6 hr showing a want to psuh higher now that the london 6h candle pushed into the asain high at also posted lows with a relative db forming right after and another test to psuh higher
the more timesprice hits a "support/ resistance " zone the weaker it gets
all in all this position is a hedge from my shorts off of tuesday with a possible closure and full longs opening up