UPS has some, uh, GAPS

NYSE:UPS   United Parcel Service, Inc
I was looking into UPS as a possible investment, and wanted to get a price, but after looking at the chart, I'm not sure it's worth it. There seems to be a lot of potential downside, including a pretty sizeable gap around $120.

With almost everyone telling me the market is going to crash, I'm thinking we won't see it crash just yet, which does allow for some return in UPS's price to around $223-$225. The question, does it bounce there or keep going? I'm not sure, which is why I'll wait for confirmation of price action, but it's looking like UPS needs to cool off a bit. The move to $108 would be around a 45%-50% drop, which really isn't out of the question as it brings us back to pre-covid levels, when the shipping craze started.