Possible Recession comparison US02 yield 5 and 10 years

TVC:US02Y   US Government Bonds 2 YR Yield
I think that, It is in action a possible regression market where bit investor are more interested in long term 10 years that in 2 one.
This means that on the contrary, one dollar tomorrow are better than a dollar today, this is real on opposite meaning regarding the contrary one where thanks to inflaction and many different economical situation, a dollar today was always better than a dollar tomorrow.
Anyway follow my next chart where a comparison between US yield treasury with 2 and 5 years show us a real ratio below 1, this mean that this recession power limit is in act to beginnig
First of all after last 10 years of history in Central bank economical situation, we can consider this first signal a prediction considered a previous feedback but when spread US02Y / US10Y will inverted and will go in negative range we'll have a real signal and confirmation about real recession and when this event had realized it anticipates the recession and it will be bigger than 20s period of 20th century
Thanks for what my thoughts