US10Y down trend - breakout up or down?

TVC:US10Y   US Government Bonds 10 YR Yield
Short term down trend good for (digital) assets & securities, breakout up or down? Let me hear your opinion. Inflation?
DYOR & DD, not financial advice.
Comment: James Bond breaking the FIB level, up to 1.594 or retest?
Comment: Rejected at the local high, I expect a reverse downwards to 1.537 (FIB level) retest, would be good for BTC in the immediate short term.
Comment: Breakout, more upside is coming. It retested local high and broke resistance; I expect a lot more upside. Not great for assets / securities but an indication for huge inflation which would be good for the asset and securities markets. I am not convinced that Yields will compensate upcoming inflation. We'll keep an eye out... updates coming next week, it will hang around at this levels until Monday.