Inflation: transitory or not?

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Welcome back to my weekly educational video!
Inflation is here! Yes, but the market knows it... +
A brief global macro overview (this time with decent audio quality!) +
Who's buying bonds at these yields? Japanese investors!
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Your video deep dives are awesome! Please keep sharing
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MacroAlf scheplick
@scheplick, thanks!
let me make this easier for you. pick the stock you want and get it and keep it no matter whhhhhhat. that's it. Now of course that isn't a direct quote. But can anyone of you tell me who said that?
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Great stuff here, it was informativs
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Japanese investors buying US bonds because theyve seen this story before. FED gunna buy the entire bond market while boomers sell out and millennials don't touch them. Japanese investors gunna ride the FED wave to 0% interest rates. That currency gunna be worthless tho...
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Hi Alfonso, Thanks again for a great analytical video.
Also really enjoy your posts on the Macro Compass blog, recommend it for anyone who enjoys this type of content to check it out.

Greetings and cheers from Holland :)
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