Banks Look Cheap vs Utilities

TVC:US10Y   US Government Bonds 10 YR Yield
A very interesting chart today looking at a Generic US 10Y Yield curve in comparison with Banks vs Utilities ... despite the rising correlation Utilities continue to look expensive and risks are elevated relative to banks.

This chart is showing the correlation or asset classes to US10Y moves. The pattern is consistent across the board for Banks which look relatively cheap compared with history.

To put simply, there is 'silver lining' to be found in bouts of Equity strength now despite the "shock value" for global growth as illustrated below:

The steady climb higher in this relationship suggests attraction to Banks is likely to play a part.

Good luck.
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I'd maybe wait a month or so after a no-deal before going long in baking sector
ridethepig jrichens
No-deal (and Brexit generally) is awful for a lot of things @jrichens but US banks are not exposed to any spillovers.