Us30 80% crash could be in the future (The Crash Of 2021)

FX:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
this post shows w charts, one from 1929 and one from 2021.
both charts show the same patterns ( w pattern) in 1929 we saw the dow(us30) make a w pattern which then lead to a parabolic move, after a few months of going up the dow(us30) got topped out and start to crash. this crash ended up being 80%+ at the time. this crash took about 3 years to bottom.
i personally think that the dow(us30) will do the same thing that it did in 1929. so far the dow(us30) has formed a w and i think that it could be going parabolic in the upcoming months.
after it hits 36k on the dow i do think that the dow will be topped out and i do think that it could be starting a 80% crash ( 80% of 36k is 7,200 but i think that 8k is the bottom).
history always repeats itself so that is why i think that the the dow(us30) could crash 80% again.( this crash should bottom in 2 or 3 years)

why do i think the stock market will crash 80%?

i think the stock market will crash 80% because prices are too high and overvalued.
i also think that the housing bubble will crash.
other things that could help it crash 80% or indicate a crash: fed printing too much money, the shiller pe ratio is too high(35.53), and a possible yield curve in the future(i do think that the yield curve will curve in the upcoming months) <--- when the yield curve curves that means a possible recession is in the future.