CURRENCYCOM:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
The Dow rose today on the lightest volume of the year, not as bullish as some believe.
Wave 1 down and a current wave 2 up could complete imminently.
A cycle top of great magnitude may well have completed on the 10th of May.

Bulls are walking on egg shells, any negative surprise will crush their positions.
Bears just hold tight and wait for their chance.
We hold small short and watch the red line...14 months aged.
Any proper break will open the floodgates.

The plandemic may have run it's course and another out of the blue is coming.
Whatever the puppet masters have in mind, you can be sure that a complete collapse of our system and a new order will ensue to usher in a one world economy, government and financial system from the ashes they will create.

Get out of cash now and into any asset that protects from their madness.

Good trading


These are indeed scary times.
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