BTC and ETH market fall sharply with Us30

CURRENCYCOM:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Hello followers
I am a simple trader who has been successful for some time.
Please be sure to review my analysis and then make a decision based on them.

I think today is February 4: The Dow Jones Industrial Average will move slightly upwards and will fall sharply tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Based on my research, Bitcoin often follows this market.
Be aware that bitcoin may fall sharply.
Comment: The first part of my prediction came true.
Trade active: Hi
The UA 30 market went higher than I expected. But the bear market started yesterday.
As I said, all markets follow the Chicago market. Even Bitcoin and ETH.
You can safely consider this signal as a descending signal.
We want cheaper BTC and ETH.
Comment: Please do not grab the falling knife.
Comment: I do not know how many people see this post, but the market is full of bear traps.
Please do not grab the falling knife.
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