Ponzi scheme could crash - US30 - all markets

FX:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Panic and doom are transformed overnight by relief, hope and greed - in what is widely known as the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world. Google and YouTube are your friends.

This is not a prediction - it is an expectation based on hard facts that are out there.

Yes - the markets are always right as I hold no power over the future. But there is a thing called reality and even markets have to obey it!
Comment: Beginning to wobble. Who knows what'll happen next? The market will tell us. As drunkenness on 'Trumpmania' settles, reality could bite. But don't be surprised if the madness continues to escalate! :))
Comment: Trouble ahead! Watch closely.

FED balance sheet 42% of GDP @ 2020-01-26. Does money have value anymore? [Different perspective on the virus ]