WALL STREET: It ain't over till the fat lady sings!

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Some people a jumping for joy as there are minor corrections in the recent bull rebellion on Wall Street and S&P500 . The bull trend which is visible to everybody on most time frames isn't over. Come on! In the video I show how this is one of the most powerful bullish recoveries in the history of Wall Street, and why I have no reason to think that that powerful recovery trend is just about to collapse. I'm not saying it can't collapse and prove my expectation wrong. What I am saying, is that there is no strong evidence of a proper trend change on the timeframes that matter. There is still money to be made on lower time frames like 30 min to 1 hr going short or long.
Comment: What did I say? LOL
Comment: Brace!! Brace!
Comment: Watch for a pulse up to around 27000 (it's a range I mean). Then there is a possibility (not a prediction) of a huge rejection.

Comment: Strange things.
Comment: See this

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