Dow Jones 30 - next move up

OANDA:US30USD   US Wall St 30
Current pattern is an expanded flat.

Watch for breakout and a stronger move in the wave iii


Excellent Set-up Thank you 🏹😋
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solid chart and neat write-up
can you please give me your idea about my posts on xrp ...
umm i see xrpeth bullish, eth.d reverse moves against btc, eth.d bullish trend,
bearish fundamental on xrp ... and i just want them in cheap levels ... the cheaper the better
@reza_1515 xrp is a long-term hold. It does not really matter, if you buy it at 0,5 or 0,25, or even 1. As soon as it gets relisted (after SEC case), it will regain all the undeperformance against the market
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@WXYXXZ thanks, i feel better about my freaky analysis ...
@reza_1515 I am simply waiting, although, I wish the SEC case was over in June… will see)
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@WXYXXZ xrpbtc is bearish thus bearish fundamental, i don't know which is above which ...
but it is game of thrones, i mean there will be some magical heroic story for a rise, it's been bearish from the beginning ... i don't believe those sharp fast upward then big bad drop then low volatility is normal, if people can call them bullish I can't
i was proud of myself after i saw your great post about eth & xrp ....
yup interrelationship of charts gives more & clear data to analyze
it's turn for heavyweights
but to be honest tp can be higher but safest & healthier is in the range you told
i expect exceeding previous bearish tops ... however i am gonna decide by low fuel movements, or maybe i will sell after btc had a rise after a drop from top ... i am mentioning to eth parabolic when btc was bearish, eth had a top in that time ...
when you buy at 0.35 (me)
then 10 percent rise from 20 is 570 percent profit difference, mental strength is needed or other sort of top detection
@WXYXXZ thanks for talking to me