Bull market - what bull market?

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In the screencast I show hard evidence from the chart refuting media reports which say that a bull market on Wall Street is back. This evidence is available to everybody.

There has been a bull rebellion over the lat 4 weeks but that doesn't mean that this is a bull market - at all!

If you're a forex trader or stock trader this is important. Why because what happens on Wall street affects currencies and stocks all over the world.

I am clear that I do not recommend trading a weekly time frame to most people. The situation on the weekly is relevant to most of us who trade on much lower time frames. So yes - I'm shorting on lower time frames (which is not a recommendation to others).
Comment: UPDATE:
Wall Street has fallen 83 points over weekend of 19th Jan up to 17:00 GMT on 20th Jan 2019. RSI on 15 min time frame was as low as 10 and staying mostly under 30.

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