US30 Entries + Exits for FREE!

OANDA:US30USD   US Wall St 30
Red TP1 to Red TP2 is only 100 pips wide so HEADS UP. That means only look for the 35 pip break or nothing for that TP1 sell/break zone.

Also: Red entry is very close to the current candlestick ... I usually don't make it like this BUT, the next entry besides this current one would of been red TP1.... way too big of a gap obviously.
Be careful this early week on the breaks, plain and simple.

The ENTRY/TP zones are your entries as well as your exits.
Everything above the current candlestick is resistance, you would treat every zone above as a sell/potential buy break.
Everything below the current candlestick is support, which you would then treat every zone below as a buy/potential sell break if it hits the pip rule.

More info on the strategy and how to play it:

How To Play The Chart Entries/Exits:
Buy at green support entry, if it breaks by -35 pips (count it out) then enter a sell and ride to TP1, 2 and 3. Trail stop at each TP which means place your stop loss in profit but with enough room to be able to continue the sell if it continues. Same thing at resistance, sell but if broken by 35 pips then enter the buy and ride to TP1. Each TP is a support or resistance zone , so you could then even take a sell after TP1 for the buys have been hit and if it breaks out then just repeat.

All likes/comments and feedback are very much appreciated! Thank you to all of those who support me on a weekly basis, it really does mean a ton to me!
Comment: Yea no one does it better... both entry plays hit perfectly already!