Correction in 1Q 2021

This pattern reminds a period about a year ago. There are some visible similarities in january 2020 and january 2021
I think we might see some correction in near future in 1Q of 2021. Whole market seems kinda overhyped like DOGE or GME .
In context also a bond market looking bullish and will decide about the future.
Stay save manage your risk.
Comment: bullish divergence on 4H

Comment: We do see a testing of the pattern. So far we just tested that as a resistance.
2 scenarios can happen.
1) Going up, back to the pattern. Might happen thanks to upcoming check from US goverment that has been proven as an injection to stock market because most of US citizen invest that to stocks. (JP Morgan informed about that in one of last reports)
2) We validate that as a resistance and some correction movement could start.
Trade closed: target reached


I agree, and that maybe it is not a good idea to go short before it hits 4000.
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thank you
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agree 100%
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