πŸ’‘ S&P500: mid-term analysis for June 21-25.

πŸ“ The nearest support level for the new week is a $1bn 519m upside option bid at the round number 4100.0 level.
In case of breakdown and consolidation below the mentioned price level, we expect a decline to the price level of 4081.6 (market maker's loss level).
πŸ“Œ On the formation of the pattern to buy near the price level of 4100.0, we expect the growth till the end of the trading week with the target, which is the maximum profit level of the market maker (4200.0).
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Trade active: πŸ“Œ S&P500: decline to continue, investors buying? The nearest option resistance level for today is the limit seller (4184.5).
πŸ’‘ Subsequent intraday resistance is the balance of the week (4200.0).
In case the asset price rises into the above resistance price range and a sell pattern is formed, we expect a pause in the rise and a subsequent decline before the close of the trading day.
πŸ“ The nearest downside target is the Buy Limit (4116.9).
Trade active: πŸ’‘ S&P500: analytical review for June 22-25. πŸ“Œ Throughout Monday, the marketmaker balance level (4200.0) was successfully tested with a false breakdown.
Large participants stealthily gained buy positions, increasing the bulls' net outperformance by 8%.
The 25% increase in locked-in investor positions suggests the likelihood of asset price movement in the price channel during the new trading week.
πŸ“ The main scenario for next week is a retest of the marketmaker's balance (4200.0) and subsequent rise to the hedge zone (4300.0).
In case of breakdown and fixation above the option price level at 4300.0 we expect continuation of long term growth with medium term target,- loss of market maker (4320.5).
Trade active: ⚠️ S&P500: rally continues? The closest support for today is the balance of the day (4236.4).
The close of the limit buyer (4227.6) further strengthens it.
πŸ’  In case of successful test of this option support, we expect formation of buying pattern with targets: limit seller (4261.3) and header zone (4300.0).
Trade active: πŸ“ S&P500: balance of the week dynamically rising. πŸ’‘ The weekly balance of the market maker is dynamically increasing. So in the past 24 hours, the mentioned option level went up from 4205.0 to 4220.0.
πŸ“Œ In case of breakdown and fixation below the balance of the day (4231.8) we expect decrease to the limit buyer (4225.2).
In case of successful test of limit buyer (4225.2) we expect growth with the nearest target - limit seller (4254.6).
Trade active: πŸ“Œ S&P500: balance of the day level - the perfect price to buy? ⚠️ The key resistance during the European session is the limit seller (4278.1).
In case of successful test of this option resistance, we expect decrease to the balance of the day (4256.2).
πŸ“ In case of fixing above the price mark 4278.1 the further target of increase for today is the market maker loss level (4278.1).
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Good idea) I even think that there will be an increase up to 4300