USDCAD Backtesting & Chart Work session on Price Action Analysis

OANDA:USDCAD   U.S. Dollar / Canadian Dollar
Hello everyone:

Welcome to a backtesting/charting session on price action analysis.

Many have inquired about how to properly identify market phrases (Impulse phrase vs corrective phrase).
In addition, how to use trendline properly to identify a structure/pattern as a continuation or reversal correction.
This session will be the start to all these.

So let's take a look into this. To start, make sure you have a new chart layout just for backtesting/charting work.
his won't get overlapped on your current chart for your normal analysis.
Utilizing tradingview’s feature on “replay”, this is how we can backtest and do chart work on previous price action that has already happened.
As we already see the price moved in that period of time, we then look for potential buy/sell bias entries to get familiar with the move within the market.

1. Start from the Higher time frames, top down approach. Utilize multi-time frame analysis to your advantage.

2. Identify what market phrase you are in, is the current price in a HTF impulse phrase ? or in a corrective phrase.

3. Now that you have a more clear bias on the HTF, then go down to the lower time frame to confirm your bias.
Do we see the same bearish / bullish price action on the LTF as well ? If so then that's a good indication that both HTF and LTF have the same buy/sell opportunity.
Look for possible entries on the LTF .

4. Repeat this process with different pairs, different markets to “program” our minds into looking for the similar buy/sell setups in the current, live market.
This is how we don't get FOMO, or fear of losing. If you have done enough backtesting and charting, then you simply remove the emotion out of the equation.
You have seen the move play out over and over again, then it comes down to probabilities.

Feel free to ask me questions, comments or feedback :)

Thank you
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