USD-CAD Is it time to jump long right away?

FX:USDCAD   U.S. Dollar / Canadian Dollar
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I know many of the traders are impatient now and they must be asking themselves this question (like myself). There are the following reasons that the timing is NOT ripe yet. If you can stomach some draw downs then it may be perfectly OK to enter for you but I will list 2 important facts and I will wait until these 2 conditions satisfy me in order to enter long
1-Oil (Brent)
2-US Dollar index            

The charts are below. Oil             is heading to the upper channel shown on the chart and US Dollar index             was at it's upper channel trendline and already made a down turn after the wedge . I still believe that there is more room for the index to come down. Until Oil             shows weakness and Dollar index             shows strength, I would hesitate to make the move to jump long. I am a conservative guy and tend to wait. It is better to lose opportunity then losing money.
Last trade: As shown on the chart. Last time I have told you that I will most probably will not liquidate that entry and that I am there for the long run. However I exited as soon I saw the wedge formation (indicates strong weakness) at a very strong resistance zone. I am glad that I did, because at the peak I have pocketed some gains (I use dolar cost averaging and that long position was only some portion of my portfolio). Now I am waiting to enter long again, but waiting for the reasons cited above

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