As long as price is below .9157 there is good reward...

FX:USDCHF   U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc
308 4 1
...if one takes the risk.

The drop from .9157 was impulsive and in 5 waves. We have now recovered in 3 waves,
so the odds is that we will see more downside.

Price needs to take out .9005 (look below to see why) to confirm that the market
have indeed completed a 3 wave sequnence to the upside.
As long a price is above .9005 there is a chace that the 5 waves decline
was a wave C in a flat (look below for the alt. count).

Good luck!
The flat idea is invailded, Looks like we are in a expanding diagonal that

bullish above 0.87969
The move so far hasn't been very impulsive, which makes the the alt. count more plausible.
The USD index is more clear, and it favors the flat count

My best count is that the move to .9080 was a leding diagonal wave a or 1. That means
that USDCHF should remain bullish above .8902.

At this current moment, only a break below .8902 would put the main count back into play.
traderWgun traderWgun
And this is the bigger pic on EURUSD (inverted USDCHF)

alt. count suggest the market did a flat and should see new highs above .9157.

why the market needs to take out .9005ish.