USDCHF channel breakout [Long]

FX:USDCHF   U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc
KS on the 1h is bullish which could confirm the breakout but the indicator I like to pair with the cloud is on the cusp of turning bearish

I use 1h charts to trade forex but the 3h made me put a hold on my long position because it's just not quite convincing enough yet

If we see the KS and TS continue the crossover and the 0.236 line I will reopen and hopefully see the 0.382 or higher as a viable target. If not it's a good entry point back into the channel and continue shorting it as it corrects back to the KS .

I am a relatively new forex trader full disclosure having traded stocks in the past but have been practicing and felt like this is the first post I can put out feeling confident in my knowledge. Hope it helps and remember to trade on what YOU think will happen