1. USD/JPY - SHORT (18th of February 2017).

OANDA:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
1. USD/JPY - SHORT (18th of February 2017).

This is the start of my proper journaling.

USD/JPY Analysis for the next week.

Just doing some testing, I took a break from trading live for 2 weeks just to relearn some things and improve on others.

My first month of live trading was definitely a crazy one.

I started with £100 deposit, some how managed to bag £200 profit in a week.

The week after bagged £104, then LOST that in that same week.

Then bagged £80 and withdrew (first FOREX withdrawal - felt amazing!).

Week after feeling super optimistic - realistically i was feeling greedy.

I was able to reach £75 in profit on the monday back but I didn't close and resulted to actually losing alot , by the end of the week I was down to £170 ish .

The week after after facing money problems I had to withdrew £100. I then tried bringing the remainder £70 up to £100, got to £80 but greed got me and dropped down to £45.

I learnt A LOT from my first month live trading.

I'm taking a step back, learning, gaining knowledge, saving up for another deposit, then were coming back hard but smart.