OANDA:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
blue arrow marks a 360 pip manipulation spike, these are used by brokers to wipe out peoples trades who have set orders or have SL set around key support or resistance areas, its easy money for the brokers!

You can see how much of a key area this price was from our orange arrows pointing out where price entered the box and bounced using it as support, now the sneaky, slimy little brokers would have seen this lovely key level formed and knew that loads of people would be setting orders or SL around this area and they would be rubbing there grotty hands together because they were getting ready to manipulate the market and wipe everyone's trades out.

You can spot manipulation spikes easy because all they are is a unusually long shadow of a candle that form in the opposite way to the trend of the market, after this spike the price will come back to the market and carry going with the trend.

To sum it up brokers are BAST@RDS.