USDJPY One way to spark inflation

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Yellen needs inflation , soooooooooooooooo bad right now. If not a physical war that disrupts oil             production and supply, then lets devalue the dollar, its the only other way, and yes equities will have to suffer, but little consequence, to fight off deflation, which is being exported to the US by emerging markets, as a result of their own currency devaluations to stimulate their own economies, time to fianlly, finally, get in that war, fight that battle, enough is enough. Dollar down, Oil             and Gold             up, yep, that'll do it, and instead of QE , let's call this QI, Quantitative Inflation . Just create something desired by your actions. So who is the most important person in the entire world right now with thew most power? Janet Yellen, and her court. banks will hate it, tech will suffer, but its needed now, because deflation will bring us all down, and we cannot have that. The lines represent the bottom and top of each item.
2 years ago
I totally agree with you, what I can't figure out yet is if they need a crash on the SP500 first to justify this Quantitative inflation, or will they try and act immediately to avoid such a crash. Could you help me on this? I love the connection you make between oil and stocks, etc. Copper is important too here. thanks!!
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