USDJPY Bat Lacks Symmetry

FX:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
Let me start of by saying that symmetry in Harmonic Patterns is not a requirement. It's simply fuel to the fire. It's all the more reason to believe that it'll successfully play out.
The strongest patterns bounce off convoluted areas of harmonic ratios. In this example, not only do we have the Bat formation , but also an AB=CD within the Bat's CD leg. This could turn out to be a beautiful trade, especially with the risk being extremely small (stop at 1.13), but...
Their completions aren't synchronized. The AB=CD's completion is far beyond the Bat's ideal completion period. If you take a look at the Perfect Gartley's, the Bats, the Butterfly's, their symmetry is impeccable. I've traded long enough to know that, although those are great, they're also rare. They don't occur often.
With the thousands of markets available to trade on dozens of TFs, there is probably a Harmonic pattern being completed every 3-5 minutes. Since you can't trade them all, quality seems to be the next best option in my opinion.