USDRUB - potential cup and handle?

MOEX:USDRUB   U.S. Dollar / Russian Ruble
The increase in lockdowns in the world will affect oil prices, and then the ruble .


Hello! and when do you expect 90?
DarkWI AndreiGostev
@AndreiGostev, Hello. Until the end of the year, there may be a strengthening of the ruble in the most favorable scenario up to $ 74 (now the Central Bank of Russia sells a lot of currency). However, the introduction of large-scale quarantine measures may bring down the oil market and the ruble then. Biden's election to the U.S. would also be a big negative for the rouble, as he is worse-disposed towards Russia and aims to strengthen the fight against the pandemic.

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@DarkWI, Ok. we will wait for strengthening... and sharp pampa)...
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