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(USDT chart)

(USDC chart)

Looking at the USDT chart, it can be seen that a lot of money is flowing into the coin market, rising above the previous high of 82.467B.

However, if you look at the USDC chart, you can see that there is a constant outflow of funds.

I think this movement can be interpreted as individual investors' funds are constantly flowing into the coin market, but institutional investors are leaving their funds out of the coin market.

The reason why USDT is interpreted as an individual investor is that it is used as a channel through which individual investors can easily move funds because USDT supports trading pairs on exchanges around the world.

In particular, the main power of this USDT is expected to be Chinese funds.

USDC is still a stablecoin that has limited support for trading pairs on exchanges around the world.

Therefore, I think it is highly likely that the forces that move funds through this USDC are American funds.

I think the leadership of the coin market has shifted from Chinese capital to American capital.

This move is expected to make the coin market a transparent investment market.

However, as the possibility of being affected by movements in the capital market increases, the volatility is expected to gradually decrease.

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(BTC.D chart)
Looking at the BTC dominance chart, a volume profile is formed in the 47.64-48.80 section and the 56.78-61.73 section.

So, if it rises above 48.80, I would expect it to rise around 56.78-61.73.

I think that the reason why it starts to be affected by the movements of the world economy is because, as explained in USDT and USDC, American capital is leading the coin market.

The variable for this movement is that funds from individual investors are continuously flowing into the coin market.

This influx of funds is expected to drive the upward trend of the explosive coin market at some point.

This explosive rise will drive the rise in BTC price, which is expected to increase BTC dominance.

Therefore, I think we should observe the flow under the premise that BTC dominance will rise around 56.78-61.73.

It is actually unknown whether the price of BTC will rise or fall due to the rise in BTC dominance.

This is because BTC dominance can tell whether funds are concentrated in BTC or altcoins.

This is because the concentration of funds is relative, so if a lot of funds are withdrawn from the altcoin, BTC dominance may rise.

Therefore, I do not think it is correct to interpret that BTC price will rise as BTC dominance rises.

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(USDT chart)
I think the first chart you should come across to understand the Coin Market Cap chart is the USDT chart.

This is because USDT has the highest market cap among stablecoins and has become an important stablecoin that supports trading pairs on exchanges around the world.

Therefore, I think that the change in USDT dominance can be used to understand the overall trend of the coin market.

When USDT dominance declines, the coin market is likely to show an uptrend.

Thus, USDT dominance allows you to know how to proceed with a trade depending on whether it is a rising or falling candle.

Since these movements are likely to move against the BTC price chart, they can help interpret BTC price fluctuations.

If USDT dominance rises above the 7.86-8.25 range, the coin market is likely to plunge.

This is because the current section is an important section.

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** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** Even if you know other people's know-how, it takes a considerable period of time to make it your own.

** This is a chart created with my know-how.

(USDT chart)

(USDC chart)

USDT and USDC are still trending in opposite directions.

Therefore, it is not easy to trade in the current coin market.

When USDC shows sideways or forms an upward trend, the movement of the coin market is expected to be lively.


(BTC.D chart)
Looking at the 1M chart, it has yet to form an up or down channel.

Therefore, there may be a change in trend at any time.

However, looking at the 1W chart, since it formed an upward channel, it is expected that it will maintain its upward trend until it breaks out of this upward channel.

Therefore, you need to check which way it deviates from the 47.64-48.80 interval.


(USDT.D chart)
If it stays above 7.52, I expect it to eventually rise to the 7.86-8.25 range.

At this time, you need to check if resistance is received around 8.25.

If it moves higher without resistance, I would expect it to rise above the previous high of 9.49.

If it rises above 9.49, the reported price (ATH) will be renewed, so the coin market is expected to show a large range of fluctuations.

A rise in USDT dominance (USDT.D) means a fall in the coin market, so in order to trade in the coin market, the USDT dominance must show a decline.


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