Trading should be dealt with by trading strategy, not analysis.

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(USDT + USDC 1W chart)
In the investment market, we believe that analysis data is what allows individual investors to make subjective guesses.

Among these analysis data, I think that the data analyzed based on global economic analysis and global issues are even more so.

Therefore, when viewing analysis data based on global economic analysis and global issues, it is recommended to check after making your own trading strategy.

It is a warehouse where funds flow into and out of the coin market, and it can be seen that this is done through stable coins.

Therefore, in order for the coin market to show an upward trend, a rise in USDT or USDC must be preceded.

In order to make a profit in the investment market, it is not to buy or sell based on this analysis.

A trading strategy must be established in order to earn a profit in the investment market.

Without the trading strategy itself, profits are just luck, and the more you trade, the more you will turn into losses.

If you are not familiar with trading in the investment market, that is, the coin market or the stock market, we recommend that you do not read articles analyzed on global economic analysis, world issues, etc.

It is only necessary to practice developing your own trading strategy with the flow of the chart.

If you can establish a trading strategy, you will no longer see analysis articles such as global economic analysis and global issues.

Trading strategies can be divided into three broad categories.
1. Investment period
2. Investment scale
3. How to trade

1. Investment period
In order to determine the investment period, a number of factors are taken into consideration.

Among them, it is important to check which coin ecosystem you belong to and whether the ecosystem is expanding.

If you can't verify this, you should proceed with a short trade as a short trade.

If you don't have enough time in a day to look at charts and trade, we recommend investing in coins (tokens) with high market capitalization.

It is not recommended to change the investment period as you proceed with the trade, as the trade itself is likely to be twisted.

In other words, you bought it as a short-term trade, but you cannot sell it at the Stop Loss point and should not hold it for a long period of time because the price has fallen and turned into a loss.

If you initially set up your trading strategy with short trades, it is always a good idea to close your trades with short trades.

This will increase your chances of successfully closing the next trade you start.

This is because this phenomenon greatly affects the transaction depending on the psychological state.

The investment period can be extended if the price is rising and you are making a profit.

However, it is important to take profits in the section section by split selling.

2. Investment scale
The size of the investment should be dealt with in consideration of how you will manage your total investment.

For example, I started to buy in order to make an investment in the medium to long term.

At this time, if you use all your funds to buy and run out of cash, psychological anxiety increases as the investment period increases, increasing the likelihood of closing the trade before the full-fledged uptrend begins.

Therefore, the management of funds is essential to proceed with the transaction.

3. Transaction method
One thing to consider in your trading method is to create a trading strategy that will reduce your losses.

To do so, a Stop Loss point is essential.

At this Stop Loss point, you have to decide whether to sell 100% or partially sell to utilize your funds.

When you are recording a loss, changing the Stop Loss point should be oriented.

This is because it is more likely that the investment period will change among the trading strategies established before you start trading.

You need to decide the number of divisions and the number of divisions, and think of a stop loss point and method suitable for it.

The reason for the split purchase is to lower the average purchase price, so you should not buy according to the price just because the price rises.

So, you should make an effort to look at the chart and see if there is support or resistance at the support and resistance points.

Whether you are supported or resisted at support and resistance points is a know-how that can only be acquired through many trades, so it can only be achieved with steady effort.

Among the trading methods, another question to consider is whether to obtain cash income or increase the number of coins (tokens).

Cash returns are best obtained by trading short-term spot or perpetual futures whenever possible.

As a trading method to increase the number of coins (tokens), if the price rises for each purchase unit price, 1. Selling according to the yield such as 10% or 20%, 2. Split selling at support and resistance points.

When selling, it is recommended to sell in installments with the purchase principal (+ transaction fee x2 to x20 included).

This will increase the number of coins (tokens) along with some cash income.

The increase in the number of coins (tokens) varies according to the size of your funds, the amount you purchase, and the number of transactions.

This method is especially effective when used in a downtrend.

If all of the purchase principal is recovered in this way, the remaining coins (tokens) are coins (tokens) corresponding to net profit, so the purchase price is 0.

If you increase the number of coins (tokens) with a purchase unit price of 0 in this way, you can maintain psychological stability even after many transactions, making trading enjoyable.

When trading short-term spot or perpetual futures to earn cash returns, you should invest in a primary position and a secondary position separately.

Spot short-term trades are not available on this chart because you cannot trade "SHORT".
You can buy by referring to the MRHAB-T index, the Long/Short-S index, and the CCI-C index.

In perpetual futures trading, set the main position to 'LONG' and trade when the 1D chart is on an upward trend or on an upward candlestick .

1. Check whether it is supported or resisted by the HA-Low, HA-High , and MACD-T indicators,

2. In the Long/Short-S indicator, check whether the RSI indicator and the Stoch RSI indicator are in the overbought or oversold section,

3. On the CCI-C indicator, you should check whether the CCI line is maintaining an uptrend or a downtrend at the -100, 0, +100 points or the EMA line.

Based on this verified information, you can create a trading strategy.


(USDT.D 1M Chart)
The reason we look at the USDT dominance chart is that it is a stablecoin with a high market cap ranking.

When funds flow into the coin market through USDT, the USDT dominance also rises.

Therefore, the USDT, USDC , USDT.D, and USDC .D charts show an overall upward trend.

This is a prerequisite.

If the USDT, USDC , USDT.D, and USDC .D charts show a downtrend, the coin market will panic and a huge downtrend will follow.

However, USDT Dominance and USDC Dominance may show a short-term decline as funds are used for trading in the coin market.

This short-term downtrend will be a bull market for the coin market.

From this point of view, USDT dominance should fall below the 4.97-5.53 range, which will increase the likelihood that the coin market will start a bull market.

(1W chart)
So, the key is whether it can move below the 4.97-5.53 section along the downtrend line.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----

( BTC .D 1W Chart)
BTC Dominance does not see any involvement in the rise or fall of BTC price.

As BTC dominance rises or falls, I think it is the basis for determining whether funds are concentrated on the BTC side or the altcoin side.

Therefore, it is not possible to understand the flow of funds only with the BTC Dominance Chart.

However, if the BTC dominance drops below the 39.56-40.44 range, the possibility of large volatility in the BTC price increases.

Judging from the previous chart's movement, I would expect the price of BTC to drop sharply.

However, since the movements of the USDT, USDC , USDT.D, USDC .D, BTC , and ETH charts are showing movements that have not been experienced before, it is difficult to predict in which direction the volatility will actually occur.

Therefore, rather than proceeding with the overall trend of the coin market, it is recommended to proceed with the transaction according to the trading strategy of the coin you are trading.

When establishing a trading strategy for the coin you want to trade, if you create a trading strategy in consideration of the overall flow of the coin market, you can create a wrong trading strategy, so you should try to create an individual trading strategy.

With the trading strategy created in this way, you will be able to complete the transaction stably by making small changes according to the overall trend of the coin market and proceeding with the transaction.

Before looking at individual coin charts, I think that by looking at these charts that give you a brief overview of the flow of money, you can make your trading strategy easier.

This flow of money precedes all the material in the media.

Please don't focus on how far the price will rise or how far down.

Such thoughts only hinder the subjective judgment of one's own psychological state in establishing a trading strategy.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------

** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee a profit or loss in investment.

** The MRHAB-T indicator, which is inactive on the chart, contains indicators that indicate support and resistance points.

** Background color of Long/Short-S indicator: RSI oversold and overbought sections
** Background color of CCI-C indicator: When the short-term CCI line is below -100 and above +100, oversold and overbought sections are displayed.

** The OBV indicator was re-created by applying a formula to the DepthHouse Trading indicator, an indicator disclosed by oh92. (Thanks for this.)

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profit and loss can be preserved or additional entry through split trading. It is a short-term investment perspective.)


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