I don't trade these exotic, though might consider small position on major sell signal when it mature. However, in the intermediate term, I am bullish . The current formation looks like a rising wedge called Leading Diagonal, which if correct should find prices head back the the upper end of the pattern around 9.20 area. Dollar could make partial retracement to the upside against most pairs as could be seen from Dollar Index0.00%% chart. So this pair could bounce with it, hence could be quite profitable. However, my real interest would lie in Major short around 9.20. At this level, it would complete this potential rising wedge and could offer opportunity for sell with target back towards 6.60 or lower in line with my view that longer term Dollar Index0.00%% will be making new historical low in the next 12 months or so. Check out my Dollar Index0.00%% Chart for explanation.
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mantasg 2012-12-21 05:11:47.314539
Cheers mate :)
DanV mod 2012-12-21 05:27:30.193583
You are welcomed. As I said, I will join you on this one when it reaches shorting zone. In the meantime, if you do decide to go long, I wish you well and will share in your excitement:)
TUNAHANFX agreed with this chart, 2012-12-21 05:52:26.106036
DanV mod 2012-12-21 06:24:40.936685
Hi, thanks for taking the time to view my chart and agree with the analysis:)
DanV mod 2013-01-27 16:45:33.594125
UPDATE - Since publishing the chart Price has now approach out shorting zone. I would look for ideally a small fall and then another minor dive up to create a marginal higher high and corresponding RSI divergence for a good sell with limited. risk in clearly defined stop loss. OR expect a drop and then partial retracement with weak price action creating a lower low to enter short position with stop above the current high. If we continue higher then we have to wait for another opportunity. Here is the Updated chart

DanV mod 2013-01-30 17:51:04.778033

USDZAR, has reached the upside target and is now ready for potential short. As you will note you have Inside Red Candle, Bearish Harami. Hence on the breakdown of the last Blue Candle could be potential short Entry with stop above the high and longer term target is retest of the low. Dollar Index looks very vulnerable to the downside hence whilst ZAR is not represented in Dollar Index could add to our expectation of Dollar weakness. Use your sensible Money Management Rule as always.
DanV mod 2013-01-31 04:56:49.857948
From my last update you will note that the upside target was hit and profit taken. In fact the real trade is now to the downside long tem swing trade with possible target to retest the low over time
Razvan agreed with this chart, 2013-01-31 04:57:25.219647
Nice, well done :)
DanV mod 2013-01-31 05:00:00.902805
Thank you. I am republishing this chart now with short trade setup. Will post it shortly.