Strong Oil Futures = Buy Oil & Gas Companies

NASDAQ:USEG   U.S. Energy Corp
I always share my ideas starting with technical analysis , with a weekly chart then I go to the daily chart . But behind of the idea there are a Fundamental point of view and if I identify who is the strong Industry in this case Energy Companies then I search for companies who are showing me recognizable price pattern accompanied with a unusual volume .
Another thing that I do is if I recognize quickly to the first view of the chart and I see immediately that here is happening something then I put this company on my watch list and I follow up daily. By the way, I do not spent hours looking the same chart, overthinking the things drawing a lot of lines and making projections that are only in the imagination. If things are clear is because is happening now in front of my eyes and I only need to follow the price and go with the waves
I build my own list of energy companies and follow 90 candidates but not all energy companies are strong some are dropping and even others are making big bearish gaps but in general the companies in Energy sector are showing strength
Now the technical point of view:
Easily recognizable double bottom with his faithful companion the volume . what else do I need to say
and finally my ideas are for a long term investing and the price targets and position sizing and other fundamentals things are the job of the fundamental team
I only collaborate with good entry points based in technical analysis I am clear about what my work is and what is my edge
Daily Chart to follow more closely
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