Good Ol Black Gold

AMEX:USO   United States Oil Fund
Based upon data and the continued negative sentiment regarding oil supplies.
I believe USO will continue degradation.
The first short target is 11.02 and the second is 10.46.
March Puts at 12.00 are in play.
I expect a bounce at .686 Fib and then continued downtrend until capitulation of oil rigs in the fall. I expect crude to succumb to pressure until 55bbl is reached. The Oil Rally is over.
Comment: Overall Crude is reporting lower this AM. EIA data 1030 ST. Last nights API data is bearish and is usually more optimistic than EIA data. News at 1030
Comment: There is an unexpected bounce in the numbers, which are awful in my opinion. There is a massive build of crude and gasoline. However, distillate was down and that may be the reason for the bounce.
Still long the puts.....but watching the action through Friday!
Comment: This had a small uptick with bad news...go figure. However, builds will still occur and March and April puts are still ITM