Wyckoff Distribution - USO US Oil (S3)

AMEX:USO   United States Oil Fund
Idea for USO (S3):
- Wyckoff Distribution mapped.
- Wave frequencies synced.
- EURUSD drops... USO will follow.
- Cause and Effect Objective met.
- Law of Effort: Exhaustion gaps being formed, clear distribution pattern, negative divergences and losing the momentum.
- Speculate that the Cause and Accumulation was relatively short in this case, as Oil went negative - Operators had little time to accumulate, but had to take the opportunity during overwhelming demand.
- Currently in UTAD. Sell-off, SOW > Capitulation soon.
- Good time to enter with moderately bearish position.

Trade active: Long USO 43P Jul 30 for 0.75 debit
Trade active: Close USO 43P Jul 30 for 0.37 credit (0.51% loss), Not time yet
Trade active: Looking like it wants to drop:
Trade active: Its begun


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