Why I Expect 200 Dollar USOIL Wti Crude

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Using momentum indicators (keltner channel) I've been watching this weekly rally and recent correction. Using the close, and the last wave, oil price could climb to astronomical levels in USD. There is a momentum shift of the correction, and the bull market for oil appears to be underway. At this pace, 200 by june is not far fetched. I expect the Dollar to lose significant strength, and costly measures enforced as an abysmal attempt to stifle inflation. Soon interest payments will become the largest expense if it hasn't already. There is much reason to worry about world markets right about now.

Larger Pattern Breakout

and here is the shift up close on the weekly:

This is not financial advice.
Only 200, really?
Oh My!

What ever could have caused this event?

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Bet you didn't expect that news.

The news comes at the right time, its planned. The market shows us what is going to happen- its math.
Indeed the math signals the impending news.

If you can read the market, you can see the strings.