Has Oil's uptrend come to an end?

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My short answer is no. Oil hasn't peaked yet in my opinion, although in the short term it might chop between 63-77$ before a big breakout. As OPEC+ has decided to increase production, we might slowly see the effects of that + there are some general deflationary pressures like new Covid strains and endless lockdowns that might push oil lower in the short term.

However in my opinion due to the ESG movement and the climate change proponents in general, the underinvestment in oil + forced production cuts due to protests might limit supply so much that if demand slowly increases the price of oil could skyrocket.

Technically Oil is still in an uptrend and its more than a decade long bear market has come to an end. Speculators were flushed out but oil has manage to hit some key levels which if broken might attract more speculative capital in the market. Above 77$, 90$ is a very easy target and we could see it go even to 100$+. In the short term if there is a panic across all markets and we get a strong dip everywhere, I think oil could get to 42-55$, which in my opinion would be an incredible opportunity.

Oil around 50$ is ok for allowing for more global growth, but it is also signaling slow growth. Low oil prices could translate in lower bond yields which would mean deflation which would allow the status quo to remain.