New patterns here.

FX:USOIL   CFDs on Crude Oil (WTI)
A lots of friends asked for how the oil is, I don't really like trading the oil - very high spreads and very unpredicted. But, I could find the pattern here and still some rooms for up. good luck.

* MESSAGE TO MY FOLLOWERS AND COPIERS: I do apologies that I was probably a little subjective on the trading I published here. I was busy on work on Monday yesterday and didn't check the charts properly. I reviewed all open positions last night when i got home, I found that the price structures and trends on all trading pairs I published showed the signals that started to revise, I am not 100% sure that price will change from short to long including us30 and spx500 , but I check the signals and I closed all my positions and re-opened all positions following the new market signals - buys. as you know we never predict the market, we will follow the signals that market shows, so I made a mistake and so subjective. some friends messaged me to ask their stop lose executived and where they should re-open a short, I understand you may lost as you can't close your position when the new signals coming out, and I can't inform you guys when I close my position and when to change the strategy on time. Sorry - I will learn from this and will do more safely monitored and responsible publish. Thank you for your trust and support.