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Be aware, there's a reoccurring theme in stablecoins lately, and doesn't seem to be getting better yet. Many crypto/assets are down more about 50% in a few weeks! Now would be a good time to partially close some shorts issued against stablecoins, or if you sold lots of crypto and hold stablecoins which are still lucky enough to be stable: USDT, BUSD, and a few small others. There seems to be a theme like falling dominoes of failing pegs, for various reasons, including a combination of cyclical pressure, delays in peg liquidity, activist traders, and others. In all the panic and crazyness, a decent short-term long entry is not out of the question if you are into swing trading. I don't want to know will happen if USDT breaks more than a few percent away from the peg, though. Does that mean the dollars are useless and suddenly assets become a good hedge again? Or does everything become worthless?

There's risk everywhere and it's often worth waiting. We DO NOT know if it's about to get much worse or not. It's hard to ultimately judge upward/downward risk with such volatility. We could be at the beginning of capitulation or near the middle, but I don't think we are near the end yet. We shouldn't assume it will simply go up if we decide to buy it simply because it's cheap. I'm seeing risky long-term longs until at least June or July. Historically it's not safe to buy a falling knife like this unless you like serious risk, and I wouldn't automatically assume the general market is oversold enough to recover yet, even though it looks oversold.

Hopefully this raises some macro awareness if you didn't know about this crazy situation!

Let me know what you think, and I hope you weren't holding too many UST.

Good luck and don't forget to hedge your bets.
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Apparently USDT has significantly more reserves than UST, and USDN is essentially community pegged. But it makes you wonder why the USDT peg was able to break 4-8% for hours at a time.