Visa inc Bullish, we knew this !!

NYSE:V   Visa Inc
Hello everyone , as we all know the market action discounts everything :)

on the 26 on June i posted an idea where i talked about the state of the Visa inc Stock market and how it seems to be going in a bullish way , today we see that the market moved just as we thought it was gonna move where the market price moved from the range of 235.61 up to 246 range with no signs of a reversal yet, here is my old post :

The market continue trending in an ascending channel with no break in either support of resistance and the market showing great strength and that its picking up more momentum by the day. The stock strength showing the possibility for the stock to reach the 260 range.

all the indicators confirming this data where we see :

1_The market price trending above both the MA and the EMA ( bullish sign).
2_Stochastic oscillator in overbought zone, %K at 94.52 & %D at 86.25 creating a bullish crossover.
3_Williams %R showing great strength in the market and reaching overbought zones.
4_MACD creating a bullish crossover and no divergences are found between the indicator and the market price.

Support & Resistance points :
support Resistance
1_ 239.93 1_243.56
2_ 237.51 2_244.77
3_ 236.30 3_247.19

Fundamental point of view :

• Both the short term and long term trends are positive. This is a very positive sign.
• Visa Stock is currently making a new 52 week high. This is a strong signal. The S&P500 Index however is also trading near new highs, which makes the performance in line
with the market.
• Visa Stock has an average volume of 6520070. This is a good sign as it is always nice to have a liquid stock.
• Visa has a Profit Margin of 49.93%. This is amongst the best returns in the industry. The industry average is 2.49%. V outperforms 98% of its industry peers and it has a
Return On Equity of 28.28%. This is better than the industry average of 16.99%.
• The global payments giant Visa has approved the issuance of a physical debit card that will allow Australians to spend their bitcoins at local stores and leisure venues. The
inovation will enable customers to make direct purchases with crypto instead of converting digital assets to fiat money.

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This is my personal opinion done with technical analysis of the market price and research online for The Fundamental point of view , not financial advice.
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