$V Analysis & Key Levels - REQUEST - I hold no position

NYSE:V   Visa Inc
$V Analysis & Key Levels - REQUEST

Ok, Radu5, so $V does not typically stay under the 180 EMA (Purple) for too long. The average is around 10 days. (22 days if you count the crash of 2020 in March.)

And so far it looks like the 180 EMA is trying to be support but I think it will break under just looking at the MacD . The MacD is under zero and as long as it’s under zero it’s in the bear zone. Again… it doesn’t seem to stay there very long.
SO… if you’re going to add to your position, do it at the support levels only (Green lines and numbers)

Once you’re back above the 180 EMA and the 35 EMA you’ll be back where you want to be. Once it’s above the 35 EMA you’ll be above the 0 on the macD and then just hold for as long as the MacD stays above 0.

I don’t know what indicators you use but if you just add 35 EMA , 180 EMA and a MacD that should be enough to let you know where to enter and where to exit a trade.

I hope this helps.


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Red = Resistance
Green = Support
Blue = trendlines

Have fun, y’all!!
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