BLOCKv 2nd Round [VEEBTC](471% PP)

BLOCKv (VEE) Overview


The BLOCKv platform makes use of our native token called VEE, used to conduct transactions, publish, and bring vAtoms to life. Beginning when a vAtom is published, VEE will be used by the publisher to pay for sophisticated and long-running processes associated with vAtoms. With BLOCKv development tools, you build, distribute and monetize vAtoms rapidly and easily. And with VEE, you deliver this powerful new asset class to the world!

BLOCKv ( VEEBTC ) Chart Analysis

Ok, this is where we do our learning, by analyzing charts. Come and take a look at these charts with me and you will get to understand and be able to spot the same signals that I use to come up with my trade ideas.

You can always skip straight to the “Trade instructions” part below to get started… But before, let’s start by looking at the two days chart:
- Here we have a long term chart for VEEBTC on Bittrex. We start looking from left to right.
- Notice how VEEBTC lost over 80% of its value after its April’s peak. This is the correction.
- After follows a long period of consolidation followed by accumulation and later a breakout (far right, green candles).

Looking a bit closer:
- We have bullish divergence showing up on the MACD and RSI marked with a purple arrow. Price goes down while the indicator is moving up/divergence.
- Price broke above EMA10 and EMA50 (green and magenta lines). This is a bullish signal as this lines (an indicator) work as resistance and support.
- Note: These are strong signals since this is a 2 days chart. This is a significant time frame when it comes to analyzing crypto.
- Next target is 0.00000159, which is where MA99 (red line) falls and also a Fib. level.
- As each resistance is broken, the price can continue going up. If a resistance doesn’t break, you can expect the price to fall back.

Now, looking at it longer term; the weekly chart:
- Here the signals are really strong because this is the weekly time frame.
- We can see a good volume breakout above EMA10.
- TD Sequential indicator is starting a new count after a perfect negative nine count.
- The RSI is coming out of oversold strong.
- You can also spot the profits potential on the chart and the different resistance levels (targets).
- This is all for the analysis, now let’s start to trade.

BLOCKv ( VEEBTC ) Trade Instructions by Alan Masters

Buy in: 0.00000130 – 0.00000150

Alan Masters Trades Targets for VEEBTC:

(1) 0.00000162
(2) 0.00000190
(3) 0.00000242
(4) 0.00000280
(5) 0.00000330
(6) 0.00000420
(7) 0.00000510
(8) 0.00000650
(9) 0.00000743

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000078.
(If the weekly candle closes below this price, this trade might turn bearish , so we close it).

Capital allocation: <5%


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Trade active
Comment: The bounce is in place. VEEBTC is getting ready for action:

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