VET BTC primed for 40-50% move up at minimum

BINANCE:VETBTC   VeChain / Bitcoin
Very low risk trade here. Serious accumulation going on and we can see that the initial pump as retraced to the 618 fibonacci support, and wicked on the diagonal trendline support before bouncing.
Buy area is between 65 to 70 sats and stop is at 60 sats .
Time is difficult to guage on this one but somewhere in next one to two weeks is likely given the current mini bull run state of the shitcoin market.
Take profits at 105 satoshi area. If price can claim the 100 sat area as support, it will probably consolidate and then head for the 2nd target which is a monster gain.
Good luck.
Stop loss is only 5 satoshi risk, to gain approx 35 satoshi or 40%.