Jump on the train !

VET has been flying under the radar for the past few years. remember collecting it as sub 1c 2 years ago, hoping one day it will explode.

VET has indeed exploded in the bull run where is reached ATH at 0.27. Since, then, it took a fall to 0.782 support.

Having said so, the current run itself has form a cup and handle pattern, with EMA 50 crosses the 200. What is lacking now is the volume . Cup and handle has always been a very consistent pattern that the price will go up, provided with a incoming large volume . Let's see if it occurs for this case.

My long term target will still be $1. However, so short term, I think we can aim 0.27, which is about twice the return from the current price. Further on will be about 0.44.

Cup and handle is appearing in alot of alt coin charts at the moment...Also, it depends largely on the whole market situation. Having cup and handle appearing in alot of alt coins chart just mean something - things are ready to explode !!

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