VIAC Long, Daily EMA144 as support

#1 Daily EMA144 is support
#2 Swing(A) crossed SMA50 and EMA144 (Normally, this is a pattern of beginning in uptrend)
#3 Swing(C) Began from SMA50
#4 No price change on 8/6/2020 Earning

Estimate: Range of Swing(C) = Swing(A) ( ABC pattern, even if it is a consolidation only)

Entry below 26.5
Stop 24; when Trendline break
Target1: 35; risk/reward=1:3
Target2: 40 ; risk/reward=1:6

I am not a Pro trader. I need few months to work on rule based trading strategies.
If you like it, thank you for your support. Please use SIM/Demo account to try it, until my trading plans get high winning rate consistently.
Trade active: BuytoOpen Dec C30 Limit 1.96
stop 24, when Trendline break;
Trade active: SellToOpen Dec. C32 limit 1.73;
Till now, Hold Dec. C30/32 risk 0.23 to lock $2 range.
Trade closed manually: close this position Limit 0.62. small win
because uptrend line is broken today.