Vix: a tool to anticipate potential market tops & bottoms

CBOE:VIX   Volatility S&P 500 Index
This is just a guide for human psychology.
Buy some when VIX is between 30 & 40 (FEAR phase). Sell some when VIX is between 15 & 20 (GREED phase).
Vix the fear index is currently on an wide upchannel creating a lot of market volatility . However, we can use this channel range to anticipate temporary tops & bottoms until this channel breaks up or down.
See chart for all the possible tops & bottoms & where this channel may possibly break down downward (stocks will rise in the last Quarter2022 before a STA CLAUS rally unless another black swan happens). Recession if it will happen may come after a year or 2 when unemployment starts to rise again & inflation /demand starts to plummet. Right now unemployment is very low & inflation is still rising. The action of FED to fight inflation by forcefully raising rates & reducing demand may risk sending US economy into STAGFLATION (slowing economy with rising inflation is very bad for stocks).
Not trading advice.
Hope this helps someone to understand the power of FEAR & GREED.