CBOE VIX vs SP500 Extremes

CBOE:VIX   Volatility S&P 500
597 3 11
A look a the relative highs and lows this year in the CBOE             VIX             index vs the SP500             . The market has grinder higher for the last 5 years in the face of all the negative talk against the president and economy. In the end its going up period. Till its not why keep guessing otherwise;)

The trend is your friend they always say.
Stochastics just had confirmation for a bullish breakout on the VXX (weekly). Very nice chart btw.
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we've just had an astro/lunar date on the 20th. I was expecting trouble at that point. Since that has come and gone I expect a delay on this playing out.. at least 6 days but haven't looked it in detail. Get some other signs to coinside and I'll go short
Although the theory is good, you must look at the first rectangle which was March of 2013. The lower indicator bounced before heading up. I still maintain that Dow reaches 17,000 before any significant pullback. Also the AAII Sentiment Survey of bullish investors needs to get over 50 as well.