5 Tools For Dips, Crashes, and Volatility

TVC:VIX   Volatility S&P 500 Index
Volatility is challenging. But it can also be exciting if you're ready for it. In this idea we're going to show you five tools to make better decisions for when markets are volatile, choppy or bearish .

1. Invert Chart Your Chart 📉
Invert your chart to see how it looks turned upside down. Open a chart and type ALT + I on your keyboard. On a Mac, type ⌥ + I. This keyboard shortcut flips your chart upside down. Now ask yourself: would you buy or sell? Selling an inverted chart = bullish . Buying an inverted chart = bearish . Challenge your bias.

2. Regression Trend, Pitchforks , and Fib Retracements 📐
Certain drawing tools work better than others in volatile markets. That's because they are designed to measure dips, bounces, and statistical anomalies. For example, the Regression Trend tool shows upper and lower bands representing a number of standard deviations away from a trend line .Pitchfork drawing tools help you see trends or channels while having standard deviations plotted at the same time. You have access to four different Pitchfork drawing tools. Finally, there's Fibonacci Retracements. Harness the golden ratio to plan for bounces and possible levels of support.

3. Pine Script Public Library 👨‍💻
Seek help from others, especially the coders. Head over to the Pine Script Public Library and start exploring the scripts coded by other traders and investors. There are custom tools, strategies, and indicators for all market conditions. Remember, Pine Script is also how you can automate your strategy and create your own indicator. Remove emotion from your decision-making. Write your trading or investing rules in code.

4. The Long and Short Position Tool 🗺
Plan your trades before you make your trades. The Long and Short Position Tools are how you map out your trade ideas directly on the chart. Set an entry, an exit, and a take profit target. See your trade on the chart and visualize it. Planning your trades with these tools will save you a headache or two. Learn how to use the Long and Short Position tools here.

5. Education on TradingView 🎓
The Education section on TradingView is free and open to all. Here you will find thousands of publicly available guides to trading and investing. Each guide was made by a TradingViewer just like you. Learn about their strategy, how they approach markets, and what their processes are. You can also follow the authors, ask questions in the comments, and reach out for additional help.

Thanks for reading this guide! We hope you enjoyed it and please leave any questions or comments below. Also, please share your favorite tools for managing trades in a choppy market.
Comment: We should add a very important note: we are only using the VIX as an example in this chart for volatility, as there was a lot of volatility this week. None of the tools shown on the chart are meant to be exact measurements or trade ideas. They are only examples of the drawing tools and how they look.

Yes, we really have to add this disclaimer. 😆
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Your platform is great but in my opinion it still needs some essential improvements for active traders. May I suggest some changes?

- CUSTOM HOTKEYS for creating and sending orders out (buy/sell lmt X amount of shares at Bid/Ask + Y ticks). It MUST be lightning fast- right now it seems a bit laggy. Or maybe the tags are laggy. Something is not right.

- LEVEL 2 (not just in a ladder form- it's very difficult to use it when trading stocks with big spreads) and Time and sales. We need a full order entry box (with price, size, order type etc.) under the level 2 box for traders that heavily rely on L2. If you want professional, active day traders using your platform this is without a question something that must be done!. You can look up ThinkorSwim's or even TradeZero's L2 box for inspiration. Why there are only buttons for MARKET orders???

- Order labels on the chart when orders are sent out are WAY too bulky and take up TOO much space! Also the background of the handle should be transparent. There shouldn't be any long text there in the first place since it clutters the chart! Interactive Brokers' charts are not cluttered and they also have a similar way of displaying orders on the chart. Please, use it as inspiration. And once the order is filled why not put just a SYMBOL (a blue/red triangle or an arrow at the exact price the order was filled and maybe a line) and then have all the necessary parameters displayed in the right corner of the status line since there's NOTHING there. Current design is obnoxiously horrendous and obstructs the view of the candles.

- Your very handy long/short position tool could have lines showing 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 etc. (multiple profit targets for those that scale out of their positions- it could work line the Fibonacci tool) or a preset r:r. Also a hotkey to quickly send out orders based on those metrics would be nice.

- Adding scanners features on mobile.

- Custom font size and column width- to save as much space as possible!

- There should be more order types (even for paper trading)!

Hopefully TradingView team will make it their priority to implement improvements to attract active stock day traders.
+33 Reply
TradingView aggie_b93
@aggie_b93, Please keep the feedback coming! We will share your feedback with the team. 🙂
+14 Reply
aggie_b93 TradingView
@TradingView, thanks for being such a great platform that listens to their customers and constantly improves. You’re really changing this business! And I can’t believe how affordable it is.
+2 Reply
landennick TradingView
@TradingView, Thanks for the product!!

Feature Requests:

- Add nesting to groups of drawings in Object Tree. (like a file/directory structure).
U.I. Drag and drop, or Right click → ‘Move to’.

- When saving a templates with a name that already exists an option to over write changes to all existing instances so that the change is aplied to drawings already made if desired.

- Cascading inheritance of settings (Visibility and Text in particular) so that one can hide
U.I. Toggle (e.g. Visibility = Inherit/Override) in settings of each drawing and each Group
(e.g.) On Groups (O) open eye, (-) closed eye , (o) hooded eye.

- New drawing created at the working level of the group in the object tree rather than being posted at the top.

- The option to select all similar drawings. Right click → Select all → in group / with this template

- Batch "renaming" of drawings. U.I. Multi select and rename in right click menu

- Batch "apply template" option so that multiple selected objects can be altered at once

- Tripple clicking on a drawing should focus it in the Object Tree (i.e. open and centre its folder ) and vice versa; triple clicking on an item in the Object Tree should centre the chart on its drawing. A right click “find in… (Chart / Object Tree)” option would be nice too.

- The ability to hide a drawings labels from the Scale (U.I. on scale right click → Lables → Hide drawings. In drawing setting “Hide prices from scale” toggle.)

- when a drawing is part of a group a “right click → Select Group” option

Tool Improvements

All Line Tools that can be extended
Instead of a binary “extend right” and Extend Left” options:
Extend by x time Units x (1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, infinite)
Extend by x Lengths x (1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, infinite)

Long / Short
Remove ‘size memory’ from template engine (so changing theme does not resize)
Add Trailing ‘Stop’ and ‘Take Profit’ Lines
Add Note : For recording reason for entry target and stop
Make the same saved themes (but mirrored) apply to both long or short instead of having to create one fore each.

New Features
Drawings on Drawings
U.I. Drag and drop in Object tree. (nested Hierarchy)
Dragging a parent drawing on the chart moves it’s children but not vice versa

Once again. Thank you so much for this excellent product!!
TradingView landennick
@landennick, We're sharing this with the team. Your feedback and support is helpful so we can build for you. Please continue to comment on any of our ideas with this. Thank you!
Tahawe TradingView
I would love to see the above features incorporated too. Maybe the scanner needs to be given a priority according many previous demands in making it more granularly customizable and versatile. Indeed, TV remains to be my first choice & most favorite platform in its entirety.
+2 Reply
BJFprivate aggie_b93
@aggie_b93, Maybe you should just use ThinkorSwim then to trade.

I don't think TV is designed to be the 'be all end all'.

Personally I don't want overcomplicated tools to make it do more.

That's what your brokerage account is for. Just get another monitor and run both.
aggie_b93 BJFprivate
@BJFprivate, Why would you think that TV can't "be all end all"? They absolutely can cater to variety of traders. I don't think they want their product to stall and not improve.
Not every broker has a good charting software and not everyone is an american and is able to use TOS.
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