Ten Trading Lessons by the Terminator - The Judgment Day is Near

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Now listen to me very carefully, folks! I’ve got some important intel on our new mission, and it’s in the financial markets. Yeah, you heard me right, we’re diving headfirst into the world of finance. Buckle up, buttercups, because this is gonna be a bumpy ride.
Now, there are ten crucial mission parameters to keep in mind when it comes to finance, and I need you all to pay attention. These aren’t your average market moves, so we need to be on high alert.

- First off, the markets are turbulent. That means it’s a wild ride, and those textbook curves and lines don’t mean squat here. We’re talking extreme price swings, so buckle up. Forget the boring fictional "ideas" of traders who never actually traded - this is a whole different ballgame.

- Secondly, these markets are way riskier than you could ever imagine. You'll be taking on more risk than a cat burglar with a death wish. And don't forget, trouble comes in streaks and turbulence tends to cluster, so be on high alrert and ready for anything.

- Timing is everything in these markets, folks. Big gains and losses happen in a flash, so you better be prepared for intense action.

- Prices in these markets often leap, not glide. You can forget about predictability, because time is as flexible as a T-1000. It’s impossible to know what you’re in for. I repeat, prices don't just slide around smoothly like a greased-up ice skater. Nope, they often leap around like a kangaroo on crack. That means they're unpredictable and risky as all get out.

- Don’t expect your past experience or information from other markets to be of any use here. These markets are like Skynet, they work in all places and ages alike.

- Uncertainty is the name of the game in these markets, and bubbles are inevitable. You’ll need to navigate through these bubbles and be ready for anything.

- Markets have a personality of their own, troops. They’re not driven solely by real-world events, news, or people. When investors, speculators, industrialists, and bankers come together, a whole new dynamic emerges, and it’s more powerful and different than the sum of its parts.

- Don’t be fooled by patterns, they’re like the fool’s gold of financial markets. The power of chance can create spurious patterns and pseudo-cycles that appear predictable and bankable. But don’t be fooled, bubbles and crashes are a part of these markets.

- Forecasting prices might be perilous, but you can estimate the odds of future volatility. These markets are turbulent, deceptive, and prone to bubbles and false trends, but evaluating risk or profiting from it is another matter entirely.

- And finally, the idea of “value” has limited value in these markets. Value is just a single number that’s a rational, solvable function of information. But given a certain set of information about an asset, it might not be as valuable as you think.

Remember, troops, we’re in for a wild ride here. These markets mislead, and there are no familiar sine or cosine waves to rely on. But there’s a system to this madness, so keep your heads up. If the price changes start to cluster or the prices themselves start to rise, they have a slight tendency to keep doing so for a while – and then, without warning, they stop.

The future's not set in stone, my friends. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves. So let's navigate through the chaos and come out on top.

Alright, that’s all for now. Later, dickwads. And remember, chill out. We’ve got this.