VRAY Breakout Stock Alert

NASDAQ:VRAY   ViewRay, Inc
$VRAY - ViewRay , Inc. - Common Stock
Initial Alert Price: $5.1
Potential Price: $5.96
Potential Gains: 16.86
Stop Loss Limit: $

VRAY is currently showing signals to retest the $5.96 Price Levels providing an investment in the trade today with a potential 15-20% gain on the investment over the course of the next few weeks. If the stock is able to breakthrough and find support above those $5.96 Levels of Resistance, then we would continue to move towards retesting the $7.36 Levels of Resistance and potentially higher than that. This is currently a shorter-term swing trade vs. a longer-term hold beyond the projected gains that we're looking to achieve here.

From a fundamental outlook, the company is currently seeing -17.23% decline in EPS , and over -30% in regards to Net Profit Margins which is explains why this is a suggested momentum move on the stock vs. the longer-term hold. #Breakout #Stocks #Trading #Investing #Alerts #StockMarket #Daily #News #Today


thank you for the time and effort into this i just will get in @ 4$ with a retest or dip