Strong Buy Now: The best setup digital AI company on the CSE

Boy, I scan companies for a living and although this ones balance sheet (as I write this) may not be the best pick for VALUE today, it is certainly setup well for an earnings surprise going into Q2. The CEO has said they have realized over $1.5M USD of top line revenue with an entire MONTH left in the quarter.

Not to mention - he even said he fully expects to see $15M annually in the near to medium term. They closed HUGE contracts - one of which is for 50k retail locations and even have partnered with Intel ; their own app RADAR is on Intel's DOMAIN. That is huge material news that's stayed under the radar on the *little volume* CSE.

This is my number 1 pick right now; this one will turn a lot of heads super quick. Also the chart is setup nicely for a long. Trade it, hold it, long term hold it whatever you chose to do just BUY it.